2017 Summer Internships for Diksha Students!

Nov 9th 2015:

A blog about the students of the then Class 9 was posted on the website. It was a simple post with a few pictures after a Life Skills class spent on the topic of Goal Setting. Here are what the children had written as their goals in life that day.



Ritika- Cooking; Sonia-Cooking; Neha- Teacher;


Vivek- IT Software Engineer

IMG_20151109_110754[1]Raja – Cricketer

May 5th 2017:

VIVEK started on a summer IT internship at PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) on a strong recommendation for his IT skills by Lt Gen Chatterjee, a DIKSHA benefactor. He is busy solving IT issues like a pro at the office.


and after hours

vivek croppedRAJA started training at the Delhi DareDevils Cricket Academy (Bijwasan Branch) in the game that he is passionate about while being sponsored by Lt Gen Chatterjee. Raja is also working part time at Gianni’s Cake Shop and confidently makes delicious milk shakes while also delivering delicacies in the neighborhood.



Neha, Sonia, Ritika & Rekha commenced on  a summer internship in Hospitality at Rohan Arora’s Bueno Cafe under the tutelage of Chef Puneet. 



DIKSHA is so very proud to see the children blossom into responsible young adults. 

This is indeed a special summer of 2017!









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