PHFI invites Diksha Children for Christmas!

Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) invited 30 students and 5 staff members to their Head Office in Gurgaon to celebrate Christmas. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children for the first time ever to showcase their talent in the premises of a large global organization. It expanded their horizons tremendously. The agenda included a Power Point presentation and video about DIKSHA School, a Power Point presentation by Class  X students on Water wastage, a skit on Swatch Bharat, Ballroom Dance, Gidda and Bhangra. There was also a token gift of collage of Diksha pictures and a Rangoli Drawing given to the Chief Guest Jayanta Chowdhary, VP PHFI.  The children and staff alike had a most memorable time.  We appreciate deeply the time and effort to plan the event so meticulously by the Social Committee of PHFI. The gifts and snacks were very much enjoyed.img_0757













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