XL India celebrates CSR day with DIKSHA

A full and fun filled day was organized by a Team of 20 members from XL India. Here was their agenda:

9:30 am to 1 pm: 

 1)      All XL Colleagues went to different classes and interacted with students on Health and Hygiene in 45 min sessions.

2)      This was followed by outdoor games 

4)      Lunch sponsored by XL India was arranged by the school for all students , XL colleagues and medical camp

5)      This year XL generously donated money for Medical insurance of all 300 students for one year .

6)      They provided Odomos and soap to all students

7)      Juice was given out in break time  

8)      There were Prizes for each class for outdoor games

  Medical camp : 11:00 am -2:00 pm

A doctor and his medical team recorded the weight and consulted with each child between classes 1 to 5.


Diksha  2016 pictures 354.JPGdiksha-2016-pictures-331diksha-2016-pictures-335diksha-2016-pictures-337diksha-2016-pictures-341diksha-2016-pictures-343diksha-2016-pictures-345diksha-2016-pictures-349diksha-2016-pictures-372diksha-2016-pictures-356diksha-2016-pictures-358diksha-2016-pictures-371diksha-2016-pictures-373_1diksha-2016-pictures-381diksha-2016-pictures-384diksha-2016-pictures-393_1diksha-2016-pictures-395diksha-2016-pictures-398





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