Life Skills Workshop for Parents and Children

An exciting and vibrant Introductory Life Skills Workshop was held for the parents and teens of Classes 8, 9 and 10. It was led by a Team including Diksha School’s Life Skills Instructor and other teachers all of whom have successfully completed the Life Skills for Adolescence Certificate Program promoted by Lions Club. Life Skills for Adolescence is now being taught at Diksha School from Class 4 through to Class 10. An overview of the course content was explained to the parents. A supplementary guide was also handed out to them. There was active participation by parents on the Joys and Challenges of living with Teenagers. Students participated by sharing their goals in life. Parents shared their ideas and further broke into groups where they discussed freely with class teachers issues regarding their children. These were then shared with the entire audience and benefited all who attended. Parents and children alike agreed they all enjoyed and would be willing to attend future such sessions. The session was photographed and videotaped by Raja, our Head Boy. 


















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